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The world has problems.
Deep tech can solve them.


SCVC is a leading UK VC, investing in early-stage deep tech spin-outs. 

Like the best US VCs, SCVC is led by successful founders.

We focus on advanced technologies from biotech to quantum tech, partnering with best techicial founders aligned with our mission of improving the health of people and the planet.

Thesis: Advanced technology convergence is driving the 4th industrial revolution & will underpin the most valuable companies of the next decade.

We are a team of exited deep tech innovators, scientists & engineers, that are experts in deep tech spin-outs.

We are the official VC arm of Science Creates.

We are building the VC firm we wished we had as technical founders.


Dr Harry Destecroix

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Former Founder & CEO, Ziylo

"in case you missed it the 4th industrial revolution has started. Its being driven by scientists & engineers building deep tech start ups"

Turning disabilities into superpowers
Open Bionics makes advanced bionic prosthetics that users can feel proud to wear. Its Hero Arm is powered by advanced robotics and manufactured through a custom fitting and 3D printing process that delivers one of the most comfortable and usable prosthetic limbs on the market.
Targeted cellular delivery to unleash new medicines
CytoSeek’s Artificial Membrane Binding Proteins (AMBPs) can be used to functionalise lipid membranes in a simple and multiplexable way. The approach offers scope to improve the efficiency of drug delivery, opening up possibilities for new therapeutic development.
Delta G: Unleashing the potential of gravity sensing
Delta g is developing a new generation of quantum gravity sensors that aims to unlock our ability to map the underground world and extend the potential of gravity sensing to new applications.
Simplifying smartphones
Forefront RF is rethinking radio frequency in a world where smartphone RF front ends are increasing in size and complexity. Its proprietary Adaptive Passive Cancellation Technology enables the RF front end in smartphones to be shrunk and made more cheaply than existing approaches.
Transforming respiratory drug delivery
Nebu-Flow is developing a breakthrough class of nebulisation technology based on its surface acoustic wave technology. Its devices aim to improve the efficacy of current treatments and allow for emerging therapies to be administered via the lungs.
A new paradigm for rapid diagnostics
Pictura Bio’s game-changing rapid diagnostic devices aim to move beyond basic yes/no tests to ‘what do you have?’ tests. Powered by advanced microscopy and AI, the approach has the potential to revolutionise diagnostic testing in healthcare and other settings.
Next gen glucose sensors
Carbometrics (spin-out of Ziylo) has used Biomimetic Glucose Binding Molecules to develop glucose a novel sensor chemistry that could enable market-leading Continuous Glucose Monitors to improve the health of Diabetics.
Unleashing the proteomics revolution
Portal Biotech’s nanosensing technology promises to open the window into the proteome; the hugely complex array of proteins that influence who we are and how our health changes. The potential to radically transform health as we know it.
A step change for processor performance and security
VyperCore has developed an innovation in memory allocation management that accelerates high-performance, general-purpose compute workloads by a factor of up to 10×—without modifying the original code.
Next generation synthetic vaccines
Imophoron’s synthetic multi-epitope vaccine ADDomer™ platform offers unprecedented thermostability, making it ideal for developing vaccines to reach every corner of the globe.
A first-in-class treatment for peripheral vascular disease
Isomab is developing an antibody treatment for Peripheral Vascular Disease based on the team’s breakthrough discovery in VEGF-A biology. The treatment has the potential to transform the lives of thousands of people living disease.
Taking the plastic out of packaging
With global brands in the packaging industry Kelpi is making single-use plastic a thing of the past. Harnessing the novel properties and environmental benefits of seaweed, Kelpi develops premium packaging materials that uniquely offer high water barrier performance alongside genuine compostability.
Harnessing the power of blood
Scarlet Therapeutics is pioneering the use of engineered therapeutic red blood cells to produce life-saving new treatments. The company leverages proprietary red blood cell lines to make therapeutic products that are consistent and scalable.